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Our Team Members

Please meet our LHtwo team.

Tom Guthknecht
E: tom.guthknecht@LHtwo.com
M: +41 79 4468424

Tom Guthknecht has worked during the last 20 years in health and hospitality planning and was leading major projects in Europe and Asia/Pacific. Tom is currently involved in large international health and hospitality projects with special focus on sustainable development. He is member of various institutions such as the International Commission of Occupational Health. He is also the Founder and President of LHtwo, Lausanne Health and Hospitality Group.

Tom is lecturer for Health Facility Design at the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule, Zürich (ETHZ) and has taught as professor functional design, creativity and innovation and health& hospitality at EHL and GIHE both on undergraduate and graduate level. He has also a range of other teaching activities at various institutions. His research focus is on Integral Process Design in health and hospitality facilities. He is a graduate of Karlsruhe Technical University in Architecture (Dipl.Arch.) and holds an M.A from University of North London (Health Facility Planning) a PhD from University of Stuttgart (Hygiene Planning for Hospital Architecture) and a habilitation (post-doc research) from ETHZ.

Marcus Haefeli
E: marcus.haefeli@LHtwo.com
M: +4178 618 7471

Markus Haefeli is a specialist in both the health sector and in the financial business. He studied in Bern and Stanford and holds a MBA from Berne University. After being a senior financial analyst for Procter & Gamble; Switzerland, Markus spent ten years in senior positions in the pharmaceutical industry in Asia as the CFO and later CEM of Zuellig Pharma, a multi billion Dollar company headquartered in Hong Kong. He subsequently became the COO of a leading private hospital group in Switzerland and is now Managing Director of Parazelsus Ltd with the focus on healthcare sectors with consolidation opportunities in markets with strong long-term growth potential.

Meng-Mei Chen
E: meng-mei.chen@LHtwo.com
M: +41 79 4468424

Meng-Mei Chen is a global professional with working experiences in the US, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, and Taiwan.  Educated in Asia, the US, and Europe, she often leverages her intercultural sense and sensitivity.  Her specialties are life style trend identification in consumer behaviors, as well as operational financial analysis for the hospitality and tourism industry.  Her research includes consumer online behavior, which is her in-process PhD study, outsourcing, and real estate research in China market, etc.  Fluent in both English and Chinese, she has delivered presentations in major international conferences.

Macy Marvel
E: macy.marvel@LHtwo.com
M: +41 79 4468424

Macy Marvel has extensive professional experience in the financial sector. Before joining the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne as a full-time faculty member in 1995, he spent eight years as investment strategist and financial analyst for two Geneva private banks. Prior to that, he held the positions of finance trainer at Digital Equipment Corporation, auditor at the Geneva offices of PriceWaterhouseCoopers and of securities analyst at The Value Line Survey in New York. Mr. Marvel has published several articles in professional hospitality journals, as well as numerous hospitality and tourism industry reports for Travel and Tourism Intelligence/Mintel in London. Mr. Marvel is also a frequent presenter and moderator at international hospitality conferences, and holds an M.B.A. from the University of Toronto and an M.A. from the London School of Economics.

Stephan J. Wirtz
E: stephan.wirtz@LHtwo.com
M: +41 79 4468424

Stephan J. Wirtz, is a graduate from INSEAD and London School of Economics with a hotel and restaurant diplom,. He teaches a professor since many years at hotel- as well management schools including Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne and UniversityIFM in Geneva. In addition he assists company start ups in China including training and coaching managers. Originally from a family business in breweries and restaurants and with a 5 year teaching activity at the University of Munich he joined Siemens Corporation, later-on at Landor Associates and Creative Business in the area of branding and visual identity. To this he added 8 years with Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Luxury Hotels in the area of service excellence and customer relationship. He is founding member of THISD (The hospitality Institue of sustainable development) and member of AIEST (International Association of Scientifif Experts in Tourism)

James Holleran
E: james.holleran@LHtwo.com
M: +41 79 4468424

James Holleran is a professor at Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne where he lectures in both undergraduate and graduate courses in Marketing, International and Sustainable Tourism, and Event Management. He is also the Founder and President of THISD, Tourism & Hospitality Institute for Sustainable Development, a non-profit Association based in Lausanne. Jim has worked for both Federal and State agencies in the US for about 15 years having responsibility for planning, developing and managing of tourism and outdoor recreation projects. He has worked over the last 13 years as both a professor and administrator in major Universities in the US and Puerto Rico. He provides consulting services /J Holleran & Associates) currently in Paris and Estonia in addition to his support to LHtwo.

Yali Cao
E: yali.cao@LHtwo.com
M: +41 79 4468424

Ms. Yali Cao is a MBA 2005 graduate at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. She holds a BS in Computer Science from Chongqing University, China.

Her professional career includes six years experience as senior engineer, project manager and analyst providing IT solution for futures&securities, mobile service, call center and supply chain management.

Roland Baumann
E: roland.baumann@LHtwo.com
M: +41 79 4468424

A native of Switzerland, Roland Baumann studied Hotel management at the Hotel School in Lausanne. His early career included positions in Switzerland, France, Holland and Belgium. He emigrated to the USA where he spend the next 28 years working for International Hotel Companies (Four Seasons, Hyatt, Radisson). As General Manager, Vice President of Food and Beverage, Vice President of Operations he was directly involved in numerous Hotel projects from planning to opening. In his capacity as VP Food and Beverage he created and opened approx. 50 restaurants and as VP Operations he had responsibility for 30 Hotels spread throughout the USA. He returned to Switzerland in early 2000 to teach at the Hotel School in Lausanne. Currently he is primarily active in project development and consulting.

Valentin Meier
E: valentin.meier@LHtwo.com
M: +41 79 4468424

Valentin Meier was born in 1980 in Switzerland. He holds a BSc in International Hospitality Management of the Ecole hôtelière Lausanne and joined the LH2 group in March 2006 where he is focusing on consulting and project management.

Yan-Ping Mew
E: yan-ping.mew@LHtwo.com
M: +41 79 4468424

Yan-Ping Mew is a graduate from Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne and holds a BSc in International Hospitality Management. His professional focus includes Revenue Management and E-distribution, as well as Event Management. He has also extensive hotel operation background from various establishments in Malaysia and in Switzerland.